21 oktober


To you who actually visit my blog, this blog is only made to take pictures on so I can get them over to my WeHeartIt, so you don't actually have to be here.... PS: Do not copy my pictures. You can only save them to your computer, but DO NOT post them anywhere else.


Til dere som besker bloggen, den er bare lagd for f bilder over p WeHeartIt (link ovenfor), s det er ikke noe vits i komentere eller ''flge med'' med mindre dere vil se bildene. PS: Ikke kopier bildene mine. Dere kan bare lagre dem til deres egen pc, men de skal IKKE legges ut p nytt.

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15, Hamar

I am editing my blog these days, so it may be a little wierd for a while. But anyways, leave a comment on my pics =D

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